What is the "Deal of a Lifetime?
    -The Deal of a Lifetime is a one-time fee in exchange for up to two classes per week in our preschool gymnastics, recreational gymnastics or Ninja program.  This would be valid for the lifetime of the child for which the package is purchased for.  

What does the Lifetime Membership NOT include?
    -The Lifetime Membership ONLY includes two preschool gymnastics, recreational gymnastics or Ninja classes per week.  It DOES NOT include Immensely360 Summer Camp, Birthday Parties, Flips and a Flic, Team tuition, Missions, open gym, etc.  It also does not include apparel your child might need such as leotards, Ninja Uniform, headbands, etc. The Lifetime Membership only includes gymnastics and/or Ninja instruction at the preschool or recreational level.  

What is my child loses interest in gymnastics or Ninja the day after I purchase a Lifetime Membership?
    -Sorry, it is non-refundable and non-transferable.  So please make sure this is something your child wants to do for a very long time if you are thinking of purchasing a Lifetime Membership.

Can I get a Lifetime Membership for both Gymnastics and Ninja?  What if I have 2 kids?  Can they both be Lifetime Members?
    -The cost of a Lifetime membership is $1999.99 for Gymnastics OR Ninja.  The price for BOTH Gymnastics AND Ninja is at a reduced price of $2999.99.  You are able to purchase a package for as few or as many children as you wish as long as there are packages available.

I have a question about the Deal of a Lifetime that is not listed here.  Who can I talk to about a Lifetime Membership?
    -All questions can be e-mailed to Info@360Gymnastics.com or please call 360 and ask for Rich.  978-425-0360

Lifetime Memberships

$1999.99 for a Lifetime of Gymnastics!



A Lifetime of ANY 2 Programs for $2999.99