*Obstacle courses for Strength & Agility

*Ninja Training (Ninja style flips, rolls, kicks, vaults) just like what you would see in the movies or a video game!

*Gymnastics Tumbling for Total Body Coordination

Ages 3 - 5.  Lil' Ninjas is the entry level to all the sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training and parkour.

Class goals:  Listening skills, confidence, trying new things, working through frustration, and manners.  We do all this through a myriad of skills and progressions. 

The NinjaZone at 360 is an all new discipline inspired from Obstacle Course Training, Gymnastics, Parkour & Martial Arts.



*Being a part of a group

*Impulse control

Beyond skill, our curriculum teaches:

Ninja Zone Programs

Ages 4 - 12.  Children learn a combinations of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks in combination on strength & agility courses.

A progressive level system evalutates and advances children on their skill and knowledge of core values as described in the Ninja Zone creed.

The levels of Ninja Zone are defined by the headband colors of White, Yellow, Green and Blue.

Ninja Zone parties are awesome!

We set up courses for time and speed so that you can test your strength and compete with your friends in a fun and safe space!

We are prepared for the most rambunctious kiddos!

"To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and stealth.  To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps and kicks to elude an opponent"

For success in school, sport and life, a child that learns to channel their impulse & energy towards a focused goal will succeed in all endeavors.

Lil' Ninjas

Turning Energy into Ambition one awesome kid at a time!

All Ninja Zone coaches are fully trained on technical skill, equipment, and pro-active safety according to the guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics. 

Ninja Party

Ninja Training