Where should you send your child for Gymnastics?
Some key components to look for in a quality facility are:
Does it have educated, certified and loving instructors?

360's staff training regimen exceeds all industry standards. Our key staff attends USA Gymnastics' Congress where they learn techniques, tips and tricks from industry leaders from all over the country.

Is the facility clean, safe, bright and inviting?
360 is cleaned by a professional cleaning company DAILY. Our staff is "Safety Certified" by USA Gymnastics, the governing body of the sport. We have also repainted our lobby to make it brighter and more inviting.

Do they use a sound curriculum based on education, experience and safety?
360 uses curriculum designed by Nationally known recreational gymnastics and preschool gymnastics professionals such as "Tumble Bears" and "Aerials Gymnastics" in Colorado Springs. This curriculum provides logical and safe progressions and most of all FUN!

What is the philosophy of the business? Do they even have one?
360's mission is to teach life skills as well as gymnastics and to provide a safe, fun, clean and emotionally healthy environment. We also make public and publish our:
23 Points which includes:
Our Mission
6 Unifying Principles
9 Teaching Principles
4 Hiring & Firing Mantras
4 Customer Service Principles